Friday, June 13, 2014

Wrapping up the week

It's been a very interesting week.  Not terribly crazy but interesting none the less.

We started out with the integration of the goslings into the flock.  This can go well or horribly wrong.  Surprisingly to us all, it went smoother then expected.

Sunday afternoon we sat outside for two hours while Sprinkles and Cheesecake herded the goslings, aka Frosting and Ganache around the yard.  Few little pecks but more like a "what are you?" peck.   We left to plant our fair grounds planter and came back to the flock in the front yard grazing away.  Decided looked good, went to the store.

Now the interesting part?  We opted to pull the goslings out of the flock and put them back in their pen in the barn.  As David got to the gate, Muff is running at it--DAD, OPEN THE GATE....NOW!   Seems as she went to grab said goslings, Sprinkles came at her hissing and all out mad.   First off he's never done that before and secondly, there was some threat about a frying pan upside his head and his butt in the oven.  To be discussed more later.

Monday we opted to let them back out during the day with Muff supervising.  Didn't take long to see that they were indeed welcomed back and all fussed about.  Decision made to see if we could let them stay out with the flock for the night.  They learned quickly to get in the Chalet that night and all went well.

Tuesday, releasing of the hounds, er, uh, birds and they all came out....but the goslings.  Sprinkles and Cheesecake noticed, turned went back in.  Per Muff, there as a heated discussion in the building and shortly there after, 1 gander, 1 goose and 2 goslings ran out.  Yeap, all is well in the world of the geese.

On the turn of bad news for the week, Doc came out and as we suspected, not in foal.  Bummed is not even covering it.  But the stud owner is standing by his word and instead of rebreeding Rosie, we are sending Glory out to Central Iowa for breeding to the same stud.  That's a weekend project.

And while Doc was out, Torey got a look over.  Seems our last farrier did a super crappy job, yes he's fired big time.  What looked like 12 weeks between trims was only 6 and he was now lame.  Luck has it a name recommended by others, was called and he even came out Tuesday night and trimmed him on the spot.  Much happier horse, much nicer feet and Muff is relieved.  Giving him a few more days off and then starting back at it.

Rest of the week.....oh nice and quiet.  Would you believe I got to read a book and started on another?  But that too will pass... it's fair prep time!

So the weekend if full of pre fair activities up at the fair grounds, a trip to Central Iowa with a horse and yes, I see a fire pit with a big pile of wood in it, clear skies for Saturday night and the lockers opened.

Posts will be a little sparse as we gear up for the big swing into fair week.  But I'll try to get some great photos.

Later gators...

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