Thursday, June 5, 2014

Death by brownies

I hate getting old.  That means parts fail, fall apart, wish some would fall off, or the parts wearing out.

For the last 6 years now I've dealt with gall bladder issue as well as a wonderful allergy that causes my asthma flair ups..  Nothing like Muff's red dye 40 or  weird hot dog allergies.  No, worse.   Sometimes it's as simple as a certain type of oil.  Like I can't eat eggplant parmesan any more because eggplants are oil sponges.   Citrus can sometimes make me feel icky, but the worst is....eggs.  Oh my.  I love a deviled egg, sunny side up with a triangle of toast.  Quiche, custard pies, angel food cakes.   All no no's.  We are talking Alec looking at me and wondering outloud if he should take me to the emergency room so I don't die at home.  Body aches, can't keep anything down, or in the body.  It's nasty.   Then there's the asmtha and the allergies to artificial sweetners.  Try dieting, it's really hard when you can't eat anything  labeled as sugar free, no diet sodas, crystal light, etc.  Have to really think hard about what you are putting in your body.

It's been a learning curve.  Steep one.  The family has had to adjust.  My mother is constantly giving me egg less recipes and I am reading labels.  Though part of this is gallbladder related, it's also an allergy.  I have a harder time with foods that just use whites vs yokes.  We are going to experiment later this summer with chicken vs duck eggs-someone has told me that that can be the puzzle piece we've been missing.  But in the mean time, baked items are the biggest challenge as the chemistry is different based on the ingredients.

Again, it's been 6 years of trials and troubles.   Really took me about 5 years to figure out what worked and what didn't.  I'm finally back on the right track.  I've lost weight over the winter, happy to be able to get into some of those clothes I'd put away.  Though another 10 lbs would be awesome, especially off my tushy.

Back to death by the brownie.  

Muff likes to bake.  She particularly loves to bake brownies.  Most brownies I can't eat-it's the chemistry of the eggs and other items and cooking times.  Also remember this is 5'8" of teenager.  All skinny, eats the fridge empty on a routine basis and is still growing.  Brownies are her mainstay and I really hate coming in the house to the smell of something so good yet so bad for me.

Last night, in a state of depression and utter despair, I ate a brownie.  Then I went to bed knowing I could die during the night, be up in pain, be sick, all those fun things.   Nothing.  Seriously nothing.  I woke up feeling great.   Now my brain says lets try that again!!!  My body so does not think that's a good idea.   I'm just happy that I'm upright and slept all night :)

Or this could be a simple lapse between my gallbladder and assorted insides and my brain.  I could implode later on today.  Ah but death by brownie, what a way to go!

Later gators....

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