Tuesday, July 30, 2013


It's been a fast and furious July, the reason for not so many posts and updates.  I'm still up to my armpits in tenants, updates and accounting, so for today I thought you might enjoy some Eddlets updates.  Still not idea who is going where, other than......the two blue puppies are spoken for and both heading to show homes up in WI!!!!   Oh and forgot, the b/w boy Kevin, is staying here for Meredith to spoil.

 Beckett aka Etta
 Castle, er Nathan?
 Castle, again-having slayed the evil purple dinosaur.
 Martha-so not a good photo, she was very uncooperative, but more so then Kevin
 And here's how Kevin cooperated
 And more Kevin not cooperating
 Ah, at last, this is where I belong.
 Lannie and Kevin in charge of the crate
 Lannie, Kevin and Alexis--isn't Kevin just too cute???
 Hum, lots of cute photos of Kevin and Castle????
Later gators...

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