Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Something smells?

Okay, so maybe he is spoiled, just a little.  Never mind, I'll admit it, he's stinkin' rotten.

Most of you know who I'm talking about, Mal aka Smelly.  

Got home late last night due to grocery shopping.  People were complaining while standing at the open fridge door full of food, that there was nothing to eat.  Go figure.  So anyway, I guess Mr Smelly was out of his crate(dry for a change) and romping with the old ladies in the front room.  I also guess he had a fit earlier when he got his foot "stuck" in his crate.  Tall Kid walked in, looked at him and said stop-pull your foot out.  With no sympathy available, he stopped, looked at his foot and pulled it back out of the crate bar.   Drama King! 

I also hear that he was moaning and groaning and laying on his back, feet braced in the crate corners, 'cause life is so hard for him.

I walked in the door, found him or should I say he found me and would not let me go anywhere.  Shadow is an understatement.  I tripped over him, stepped on him and was stopped dead in my tracks many times due to his black fuzzy body.  Nothing, nothing was settled in the house until I sat in the lazy boy.

Then I still got more shit from the kids.  Smelly came over, bumped me with his nose(he does that all the time) and then gently placed his front feet on my lap so I couple "help" him up.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, I hear ya.  He's spoiled. 

Now I was able to eat my pork burger with not much a sniff in my direction but the moment that Hubby got the blood orange out and started peeling it, you would have thought it was steak night for Mal.  He was almost crawling over the arms of the rocking chair with a stare that could have burned holes in Hubby's sweater.  Yes, he got a couple bites.  The second orange?  Hubby gave him a whole section.  He played with hit then dropped it on the floor, stared at me and said, I can't eat it this way.  I walked in the kitchen, cut it in half and he ate each piece.  Spoiled, I know.

I guess the other issue is that I left the room while his back was turned to me and when he looked back, I was gone.  He whined, looked very worried and I had to come around the corner and let him know where I was, just in the kitchen.  Yeap, he got a very relieved look on his face and ran into the kitchen, nosepoked me and sat in my path. 

Nah, he's not Smelly, he's so spoiled he's rancid!

Just sayin'....

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