Thursday, January 24, 2013

Beware vicious snuggle bunny

Was chatting with Karen yesterday about how she misses her snuggle bunny aka Cora.  I mentioned that yes, she spend the other night draped across my chest so that I could not breath all night.
But I also mentioned that while she and Eddie are in the bedroom lounging all day long, there's an another evil creature in there with them.....the vicious snuggle bunny.   Kind, quiet, and peaceful Cora goes all Dexter during the day as the following evidence shows....

Poor gator, never stood a chance.

The bodies are everywhere.
Yes, that is the serial killer in the crate.  David came home and wasn't sure what happened so stuck her in Max's den until I got home.
Barney lost an eye and she was working on the other one.  Gator, cheetah and I think a teddy bear all lost their lives yesterday.  Now the victim selectino is on purpose, she's been attacking my bed skirt, have to divert her attention elsewhere.  The kids have instructions to throw as many victims in as they can before we leave in the morning. 
This morning, as I peaked in before I left, she had a teddy bear begging for his life.  
Sigh...the vacuum is getting a work out these days.

Just sayin'...

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Scott said...

Our dogs love to destuff toys. We end up stuffing their innards back in and sewing the hole for repeat destuffing. Looks weird, but the dogs don't care.