Friday, September 21, 2012

3 days, more or less

The Ms is in a state.  This weekend we have to run to just about every store in town until we find the Castle Season 4 DVD's.  She has the first 3 and of course, Season 5 starts on Monday, t minus 3 and counting.

I promised Pam that I wouldn't do any spoilers because the stupid state of WI is preempting the show on Monday night for some football game played by some team in green and yellow.  I mean seriously, she won't see it till Saturday????

Anyway, hope everyone has a great weekend.  We are off to do a thousand errands.  Bought a wood stove for the kennel, have to go pick it up.  Then up to Hazelton for supplies or down to Kalona?  Not sure which direction as I know we need stuff in both areas.  Nesting boxes at Neil's, bulk flour at Stringtown. 

Then it's some predator prevention-the Ms has lost an older wyandotte hen, splash amerucana pullet and one of two buff orpington pullets to a hawk/coon/mink/fox?  I'm voting for hawk.  Moving pens, putting tops on pens, etc.  What a nightmare.

Sunday - Waverly Exotic Swap Meet.  We won't take anything up, but might bring something back? 

So here's to a Castle Marathon, and counting the days.  Mal already said he's going to have to watch the premiere from my lap-gotta figure out what all this is about, since he's sort of named after the actor that plays the hunky roll!

Later gators...

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