Friday, July 13, 2012

Never done this before and making it fun

So August is coming closer and closer, which means shows within a reasonable distance every weekend through the fall.  Problem is that there are a couple weekends with two great shows - so which one do you go to?  Judges are both great those weekends, Penny isn't old enough to hit the first set but can on the second.  Biggest issue is that Loki is looking for majors and more so, Cy.

Cardigan people are pretty easy to talk to and figure who's going where, help make the majors when you can, etc.  Akita people too, but collie people, that's a royal joke.  Leaves us in a pickle and guess it's time to dip into the dog show fund and do something I've never done before....double enter shows and go where the most points are.  I hate doing that because if the one makes majors, and the other doesn't, who's to say that by pulling out of the lower count, we don't screw someone who needs those 1 or 2 points.  Then again, there's always someone willing to screw the major just to deny it to Cy.  The one big reason that I really don't deal with the area collie people.  Most are rude, most are underhanded and unless you buying and showing their dogs, you're nothing. 

Fudge buckets.  I guess we can't make everyone happy, just going to concentrate on making ours fun.

Speaking of fun, it's not so much down in the pasture.  We've all taken random walks down there and the creek is in sad shape.  Bogs are almost gone, you can cross the big parts without getting your feet wet.  Considering we are the headwaters for Indian Creek, this is so not a good thing.  Though this morning I awoke with rain splattering the north windows and a little lightening and thunder.  2/10th by the time we left for work, more on the way.  With almost 8" shortage, this doesn't do much, but anything is welcome.

Weekend looks to be fun though, just hoping I get my new bank stuff today.  See someone hacked my account while we were busy with fair.  God Love my Bank!  I got all the charges either disputed/refunded/denied so just waiting on one company to do it's fraud thing.  But now I have no debit or charge card.  And how many places really like taking checks anymore???

Poultry show nearby, Ms is all ready to take a few birds over.  So tomorrow is wash day.  Hope it stays a little dry so all that hard work doesn't go to waste.  I'm looking forward to seeing Jackie and the family at the show.  The Ms is still determined to beat Michael's black duck-the war is one between the webbed feet wonders!  

Well, hoping everyone has a great weekend!  I'm enjoy reruns of a "local reality show", I mean seriously, can't people just do what needs to be done and quit rehashing the past?  Then again, it does make it fun to see what will happen next-never ending cycle-predictable but there's always a twist.

Later gators...

Later gators.

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