Monday, February 13, 2012

Wake up call

Pete's at it again, in a good way. 3am Sunday morning she alerted me to a new squeaking noise in the house--puppies!

Dove started whelping way too early in the morning. Though she'd been a little restless on Saturday, I put her to sleep for the night, with an ear turned in her direction. I must have been really tired, as she wasn't going to wait for the humans to help.

Proud to announce she easily delivered 7 puppies between 3am and 8:30am Sunday. Unfortunatley the first pup was a HUGE girl and we think Dove either sat on her or she was born still born. What we are ever thankful for is that Dove actually natural whelped big puppies, all weighed between 11 and almost 14 oz. Her mother, Marg, had just as big puppies but was not big enough herself to naturally whelp and had two c-sections.

Dove, for a first time mom, is doing just about perfect. Clean babies, full tummies and she's so careful with them.

3 boys-2 are black and whites, 1 is brindle. 3 girls-we aren't sure if we have a black brindle or black and white, but the other 2 are definately brindle. No mismarks, lots of chorme on some and a couple of the boys are the darkest black with just a touch of icing.

After the last two litters being c-sections, it's so nice to deal with a momma dog that is "with it", puppies who aren't dealing with the after affects of anthestic and take right to mom. Not having to put anyone on a tit, make sure mom doesn't lay on one, or worry that a puppy isn't thriving.

Here's a couple group photos.

I need a nap now!

Later gators.....

I need to add a couple side notes--this is officially Ms' first litter of puppies, as in her own bitch and helping to pick out the stud dog. Dove was shown to some big wins in the classes by the Ms and though loves the guys' laps, her favorite is the Ms'. She got up as soon as it was time to start the puppy watch, sat with Dove the entire time, caught puppies as they were coming out, ripped sacks, helped tie cords and rubbed and shook them alive. I can't be more proud of her! I think she even had to help pull one of the big boys out. Now comes the fun part for her with evaluations and deciding which one we keep!


penni said...

Congratulations on nice healthy babies and s super mom.

Taryn said...


Cindy said...

Thanks! Dove's doing great and I love having fat and shiny puppies squeaking away in the whelping pool.

Scott said...

Congrats! Drop me an email if you want some kid socialization with the pups sometime this spring.

Cindy said...

Oh Scott, you know I will. Not only do we have these Monsters but Eddie and Cora will have some little hell raisers all their own in May!