Monday, September 14, 2009


Okay, first, these are not the best pictures in the world. THEY JUST DON'T STOP. I've never had this much trouble getting photos. 2nd, the lighting sucks and Alec was not straight on when taking them, so will redo for the website, tomorrow.
Love to have other's inputs on these two. Connie is definately a pet and looking for a home where they will do something with her. I just don't think she's a sit on the couch type puppy. SP is the " on the fence" puppy. Just not sure what to make of her right now. Then again, this age is horrible for making decisions on.

First up, Ms Sweet Pea, SP for short or Hey You or Blur or STOP IT! Never a dull moment with her. Constantly snooping and well, I'm not sure what direction to take with her. There's just something that pulls me in, maybe the last photos will tell you why. She's a little leggy, but for the most part, not too bad.
This is Connie. Ignore the ears. Yes that's duct tape. SP kept taking every other type of tape off, though, Frankie isn't helping matters either. I don't brace. Did that once and now Moose has to live with ears that are set up a little too high on his head. The ear on the left(her right) is pretty well up, but the right one(her left) has no intention on staying up at all. I do fear this girl will be living in tape for a time. She's cute, flash, very very smart and a willing puppy to for just about anything.

This is the one the scares me--Aunt Marg and Sweet Pea. It's almost too scary for words. They are marked almost identical except for the white splash on the ear and SP's blaze connects to her rough. The look, the eyes....well, you judge for yourself.

Later gators....


Sharrie said...

SP is so pretty with both ears standing up. Zippy had the same, one ear up, problem.

Jeri said...

One question I have is why do you consider Connie a definite pet? Reason I ask is because from photos, they look REALLY similar to each other (SP and Connie).

Cindy said...

The litter in fact was very uniform. Connie has caught everyone's eye and I think it's just that she's so flashy.

I will be honest, I hate her rear. It's not as nearly as nice and flowing in movement as SP or the others. She was really loose in the rear when she finally got up on her feet and her stifle is too straight for me. Makes her stilty when she moves.

She does take a pretty picture, though that's like the 10th shot we took. Too busy to stand still! Tonight the stacking blocks come out!

Holly said...

I love the photos of Sweet Pea & Marge. Nice litter Cindy!