Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fly By Night

Can I say it more-I love being out in the black hole of Iowa. Yes that's the kind description of where I live. Just out of range of a lot of things but we seem to keep sucking more things in too.

Last night was just plain cool though. As you know the International Space Station and the Space Shuttle have been linked together until yesterday when the shuttle undocked, preparing to come home. Luck had it that our overhead sky was just plain awesome last night and David and Meredith set their chairs out in the yard. Not sure what time it was but we all went out and watched the Space Shuttle fly over, followed by the Space Station. Talk about cool as they just glided silently across the night sky. We found a couple other satellites, found some constellations and just sat in quiet awe at the wonders around us. This is a link to a website that shows you when the space station will be flying over your house! It's about the coolest thing I've seen for awhile. Hope you get a chance to see it when it's in your neck of the heavens.

Later gators....


Frink Lemur said...

It is neat watching anything in orbit go by, you can get a feel for the 8 kilometers a second velocity they need to stay up there.

Carla has taken up swimming as a hobby! She loves visiting the small Bowman spring, which is just a little deeper than she is tall. She'll wade in and frap and swim around with a most ecstatic look!

Kady Cannon said...

Thanks for that link. Cool.

Scott said...

We saw them last night too. Late fall is better for seeing satellites (less atmospheric interference than in the summer humidity) but it's still fun to try and spot orbiting objects at any time of the year.