Friday, November 21, 2008


Don't you just love holidays? When I was a kid we went to a different Aunt's house for each. With two brother's, my dad's side of the family would draw straws. Aunt Marilyn's for Thanksgiving, our house for Christmas Day, Aunt Nina's for Easter. Sometimes Easter and the 4th of July would be at Grandma's-all depended.

I think I loved going to Grandma's the best-the view was perfect, how many people can you cram into a little trailer and if you got bored or hot, you could escape to the barn.

When David and I got married, we added in his parents. Boy do I know how my mother felt. After a while when the Munier events stopped happening-all the cousins, nieces, nephews and such just could not coordinate schedules, we opted to hang out at home.

I never thought I would enjoy the holiday without the chaos, but I do. So for most holidays, we camp at home. Christmas Eve is reserved for my parents at their house--where Dad is still attempting to master frying a turkey(8 years now). Thanksgiving is for staying home but seems we are the place to be now and we get visitors all day long. I enjoy not having to get dressed right away, dogs laying in the kitchen waiting for the turkey or other assorted treats. Then being lazy-watching the National Dog Show, or putting in a new video. No football here and even though we know the outcome of the dog show, we still cheer for our favorite cardigan, pemmie or griff.

So here's to family, big, small, scattered or mental. This time of year reminds us of who we are, where we came from and above all, thanking God for keeping out feet planted on Mother Earth for one more year.

Later gators...

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