Friday, March 27, 2015

Remember, I'm into random thinking

I've had one of those weeks.  You know, things tend to irritate when normally they don't.  Or that it's simply one thing on top of another.  Or people on ego trips.  Or, or, or....

First off lets say I'm proud of my kids.  We've had our ups and downs but I think they have grown into well adjusted, kind people that are honest, well meaning and definitely not rude or bullies.  My point?  Man have I run into a lot of people that just, well, turning into bullies and that sarcastic way of thinking and talking, that is more than that.

Ran into an article, which I think parents need to read.  Sure you might think it's funny, but is it really a good character trait or is it something more?

Yeap, been one of those weeks, can you tell?

Just sayin....

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