Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The bestest of the best

She was so excited, not only on that weekend, but even more so when the pictures came.   
 A big thank you to Judge Sharon Ann Redmer.  She also gave Dove BOB that day and Mal was BOS in cardigans.   
Judge Lois Sosa, who didn't know she had taken BJIS the day before and told her, she was an easy pick for the win.   

The funny part about the weekend was that she went off to show, we hung around grooming chatting and stuff, not really noticing how long she was gone.  She just came back, no biggy, we remarked what took you so long and she produced from her folded up chair a big ribbon and said "THIS!".   Mal wasn't on his bestest behavior but he just loves to show, for just about anyone, especially his kids.  Yet another one of my dogs lost to them, sigh.  At least he saves the best cuddles for me.

Later gators...

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