Thursday, November 29, 2012

I feel like I've been running around like the proverbial chicken with it's head cut off.

Or is it the lovely red bird on the blog with it's head cut off?  I have an email into Leelou asking how to fix this, has to be a simple code issue we can tweak.

Yes the blog is now in a festive mood and so am I!

Thanksgiving came, we enjoyed the holiday with food, fun, movies and simply a small family affair.  I grew up with this horrendous huge family get-to-gethers where is was all about one ups manship.  Give me, my house full of dogs, a few family members and I'm much happier.

As soon as morning broke on Friday, I could tell the kids in the house were getting wound up.  Kids including hubby that is.  So I said, okay, let's do Christmas.  Instantly the cd player started up with Michael Buble and carols.  The leaves and garland came down and we spent the morning finding all the red, greens, lights and stuff.   We also watched Serenity. 

The Christmas trees are all in their places--I collect Fenton Christmas trees.  It actually started with my Grandma Daisy as we gave her those for Christmas every year.  She never had a tree in the house, preferred those.  Though now I think I need a bigger area to display them in - hint hint hint.

Eddie's home.  He throughly enjoyed his trip to WI and as soon as we know the breeding took, I'll post the bitch owners information here if you are interested in an Eddlet, though I do believe that there is already a waiting list for pups.  But also, Eddie was glad to be home.  And immediately when I sat down for a moment, took up his rightful, or so he thinks, spot on my lap.  Mal is not impressed with Dad-he thinks it's his spot.

Took the Ms to see Breaking Dawn P2.  Yes I went and yes I've read the books, own all the current movies on DVD and this one is the best, so cliche to say, saved the best for last.  I think the end was a little rushed but it was in the book too.  Afterwards we visited the new JoAnn's Crafts--OMG!!!!!!   It's worse then Michael's and yes we did buy stuff.  And I need to be kept away from there.

Then I baked.  FB's Fudgey White Chocolate and Cranberry cookies, Devil's Food cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, lots and lots of creative turkey and left over meals.   I love cooking this time of year!!!  Then I yelled at Malcolm to DROP IT.  Seems he had been rearranging the nativity(it's in a different place this year) and decided one of the angels needed to be relocated.  I love dogs that learn by watching others.  One "drop it", he stopped, gave me his best puppy dog eyes(Dawn, you know those!) and dropped his angel.  Good boy, now straighten up your own halo dude and tuck those little red horns back behind your ears.

Then all heck broke loose-----I'm now in the middle of dealing with a volunteer issue with our local extension office.  Though I would love to really get indepth with this subject, lets just leave it for another post when I can collect my thoughts.  Two meetings this week, umpteen calls, emails, articles written and my brain is now drained.  Oh kennel club meeting, Ms' riding lessons, I've got dogs molting all over so we need to do some serious baths and blowouts this weekend, eye appointment, more cooking, hubby's working overtime, Ms is on the conduct team, caroling and Christmas party for 4-H and finish up dog show stuff for 2013. 

Oh yeah, and it's month end at work, working up to year end, I have filing to do and I hate filing and well, need to spend some time with Sue as she's also battling some life changes this upcoming weekend.

And we got two of the lottery numbers, no powerball.  Guess my much needed break to some place warm with sand, surf and adult beverages.  Sigh... oh well...I guess...if I have to....I'll just keep trudging on....

Later gators...

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