Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I voted, I think

I don't think in all my years of voting that I can't remember who I voted for.  Honestly, I always flip over the ballot and vote no to keep the judges--seriously folks, they need to earn it.  That I remember doing last night.  I remember voting  yes for enhanced 911 fee.  That was a no brainer there.

But on the front upper left of my ballot?  I sat and stared and stared.  I ran all the arguments through in my head of why this one vs that one.  I was truly one of the undecided walking in last night.   I know why I wanted to vote for the other, then then I knew a reason for that one too. 

And in the end, I walked out, sat in the truck, and had a moment of reflection that said regardless of who I did vote for, I'm not sure if either was the less of two evils. 

And I still don't remember this morning which circle I filled in. 

At least the Tall Kid's wish has been granted, the ads have stopped.

Later gators....

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