Monday, October 15, 2012


Yes dears, when you are showing in the midwest, it is of your best interest to do some research on the various show sites. 

Such is the case for this past weekend's event in Mason City. 

First off the show is either wet, windy and cold, or blazing hot.  October in Iowa, no inbetween. Pack all necessary clothes-rain gear(needed Sunday morning), extra pair of dry shoes and socks, t-shirts(for sitting in a restaurant with no air), sunglasses and be able to carry white bedlingtons over the mud to get to the show rings.

Second-grooming usually SUCKS!  Yes show giving club, one thing that you need to work on is grooming.  In order to grow a show, exhibitors look for certain things-distance(in many forms), judges and show site.  We were blessed to have Beth get there just in time to get enough room for us.  'Cause I was not grooming outside this weekend.  Granted I've been going to this show for like 10 years now and the grooming has never changed, but wonder why your entries are going down, and it's not just the economy.

So other then that, weekend round up?  Connor BOV and Group 4!   Not to be mean but man it was a good feeling to see a certain dog in the group walk.  Ms and Connor won their juniors class.  Cinderella the bedlington got a good look in group, but that was by far the most powerful group at the show.  Penny was RWB, though the judge did comment it was one of the hardest group of bitches she's judged, rarely see such a nice set of bitches at one time.  Congrats to Wanda on WB, not complaining as her girl was much better put together then Penny, who btw, did not have a melt down on the table!!!

And beyond that, another prerequisite--make sure on your seasonal favorite treat, that since you now can't eat certain foods, that you revisit the ingredients.  My gallbladder is reminding me of that today.

Later gators and 2" of rain !!!!!


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