Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Functional and cool!

So just a few photos of the cool and yes functional things from this weekend's road trips!

This is a ten hold nest box for the chickens.  Steal from our amish antique friend Neil.  We saw addtional ones at the swap on Sunday, heehee, deal!

And as you can see, they are already using it!  They seem to have a preference for the lower right hole.  Though we did find eggs scattered in other ones.

The new runners-the drake is on the left, the other two are the hens.  Adapting well and will be in the flock after their 10 day quarantine.
  And of course, I finally got the employees together for their official photos for their badges...
Patches, the temp.  Soon to be eligiable for the employee health care and yes, we do cover birth control!

And the employee of the month, several months running and current training officer, Midnight.
 Later gators....

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