Monday, September 24, 2012

And I feel like I got nothing done!

Weekends as you can tell, are just as crazy as our week days.  This one was not the exception.

Hubby took the day off on Friday so ran and did a bunch of stuff-recyling to the dump, coffee with Max in Whittier.  Pick up the Ms and I where we went off for hair cuts, assorted sundries and pizzas for dinner. Should mention that the Ms got Season 4 of Castle and was now planning a marathon. 

Saturday morning dawned with more errands to run, but fun ones.  Up to Littleton and Hazelton to visit Neil and pick up the Ms' new ten hole nesting box for her chickens.  I might add that it looks very smart in the Chick Chalet and they are using it!

Of course Neil tried to sell us the entire shop-you need this, or that, how about one of these?  Hubby did get two nice harness hooks. 

Down the road to the grocery-few snacks, restocked on spices and some rice mixes.  I love Amish groceries!   Then another turn to the harness shop for oil and halters.  Next stop Blaine's for new crate pans for the dogs, some clothes and of course, Malcolm got a new dog bed!  Yes the pretty boy went along for the day and was a model of good behavior, though there are some teeth marks on the Ms book.

Home to the Castle Marathon!!!

Oh and the Tall Kid, it's harvest time so I never see him.  Working at 4am at Lowe's then over to the elevator till 5, including weekends.

Sunday-Waverly and the fall Exotic Animal Swap.  First for us, some of the characters up there are a little shifty, some are good and then some are awesome.  After almost 3 hours of wandering-we saw skunks, rats, peacocks, black swans, ponies, lots and lots of BUNNIES(ask the Ms how you say that word to really annoy me), pigeons, chickens and ducks.  I could go on and on with what we saw.  What we walked away with?  3 nice pencil runners, a 2' black hills spruce, a 2 door 42" crate(for $40)-looks like it's just outta the box!  And an air compressor.  Interesting what you saw there.

Breakfast in Waterloo, round and about way home through Vinton where we got a few more things-canning jars, dog food, stuff for the ducks. Back roads home.

So we get home with all this loot, what to do, what to do?  First up, let's get the newest residents in quarantine.  That's in the stall in the barn and they were pretty happy after touring the country side.  The to the regular occupants of Chateau Quack.  Banding, sorting and evaluating.  Whops, text message, the stuff I wanted from a gal off Craiglist--woo hoo, one of them is available.  Be right over. 

So we leave the Ms to her continuation of the Castle marathon, run across town and get an almost brand new, professional version, Booster Bath.  Sigh, my grooming area is almost complete!  Aldi's for groceries, Lowe's for a hose and wood.  Home. 

Not done yet, gotta move the Booster Bath into it's winter place.  Dinner?  Oh yeah, it's about that time, but wait, uncover tomatoes - pick lots, sort some, get the peppers, ask Hubby to taste these long yellow ones--have no idea what they are.  Oops--heehee, hot banana peppers.  Note to self, only need a couple of those for salsa.

Finished up the weekend with a huge stock pot of potato soup, bacon, and fresh pretzel rolls.  I finally got the baking time down!!!!  They were perfect.

And yet, I still feel like I got nothing done?  I'm caught up on laundry, the stuff is sitting out and waiting to be packed for the weekend's show.  Just have to do some nails.  I still see that the lawn needs to be mowed, salsa made, more rolls, eggs, etc.   Anyone else have one of those weekends?

Later gators...

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