Friday, August 17, 2012

Just fantastically AWESOME!!!

The counts came into my email box this morning!   We have a record number in many breeds and hit that magical 1000 entry count on two days.

Okay, for those of you unaware, I am the cluster chair for a five day show over Labor Day weekend.  I chair our clubs side and then oversee the rest of it along with Sandy of the other club.

It's a year long process, not always easy and many times frustrating.  But so well worth it when we roll out of the grounds on Monday night.

Woooo Hooo!!!!  Largest Whippet entry to date, dal specialty, boxer specialty, supported entries(whippets) beagles, all three belgains, and bouvs.  I already have the paper work handy for doing a supported entry in both corgi breeds. 

OMG-can not believe it's almost here-where's that list of things I musth do and the list of things I will forget????

heehee-I'm giddy!

Later gators.....

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