Friday, August 10, 2012

All is quiet

Alec meet Shelley in IL yesterday and handed over the precious parcels called Kaylee and River.  We in exchange have the Chipper Shredder for a few weeks to show.  Not sure if that was an even trade?  The rooster bark started as soon as he walked in the yard.  No more puppy fights and ruckus, but now this?

Off to Ohio Shelley, Cara, Kaylee and River go and the adventures called the Western Reserve.  Sending big ribbon wishes for Cara and hoping that the two blues clues kids behave for Anne on their way to their news homes in VA and NC. 

Take good care of my babies Karen.  Now I did warn you about the naughty one and Jane, about your limp fish fluffy puppy.  Don't forget her sliced almonds-the Ms made sure she got lots before she left.

And back to quiet, not so quick.  Pretty Boy was pretty lonely last night and still looking for his sisters.  That's okay, he's made friends with Dovey, Frank and Moose, a step in the right direction I think.  I've been told he's spoiled?  I don't think he smells, but he does spend a lot of time being carried, cuddling in the chair and following me around.

Can't thank you enough Karen for letting Cora come out this way.  We've had a blast and I'm so excited to do it all again soon! Though David would really like to have his pillow back and his portion of the bed. 

Later gators...

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