Monday, June 4, 2012

Out takes

First "stacked" photo session is up on the website under Week Four.  But I had to share the out takes here.  It's hard being a model!

First up, Wash.  Ummm-nummm, cheese.  Give Me More!
 River of course, following the instructions on the Ms' shirt-talkin' to the Paw!
 Mal-um, cheese, over here, let me help you, stop moving your hand!

 Afterwards, crash time.  It's just so tiring taking photos.
 Wash who prefers the floor.
 Mal who is always in some contorted position.
 Jayne, again, prefers the cool floor.
 And last but not least, River, who tends to be able to fall asleep anywhere, in any postion.  She eventually fell off the bed, and continued her nap upside down.
Later gators....


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Dawn said...

I want to play with them!