Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Crazed and drooling

Connor is just say, a little odd at times.  We figured out a while ago that he will stand on his head for a bowl of penne pasta with garlic marinara sauce.  He drools horribly when he wants something that bad.  And stand so pretty too.  Just haven't figured out how to get that in Alec's suit coat for bait at the shows.

Though we may have found something slightly easier to carry, but just as messy.   Watermelon.

He goes ape over Watermelon.  I mean possesive Ape. 

Last weekend we were eating some, he passed by, stopped, backed up and went-I WANT SOME!  NOW!!!!

So we broke down and got the dogs their own melon.  Similar to Jinne's Watermelon Sunday antics, except Connor eats the whole thing.  Icky rind and all.  Lace and Click clean the rinds to the white part.  Connor, eats it all.

I think he ate about a 1/4 of one all on his own. 

The worst part--the watermelon farts.  At least he sleeps with Alec, not me!

Later gator...

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