Thursday, May 24, 2012

Would the real puppies please stand up?

No longer gerbils or hamsters! Their eyes are open and wouldn't you know it, there's real puppies in the whelping pool now! Enjoy.....

 For Karen, the blue girl and I think she's going to have bright blue eyes like her daddy.  Shes' got the brightest eyes of the bunch right now, though I know all puppies have slightly blue tinge to begin with.  We are currently calling her Kaylee.
 Tri boy aka Mal on the left, River aka the tiny girl in the center and of course the mismark boy aka Hefty now known as Jayne. 

Puppy pile with a Kaylee girl peeking out.

 Hey, what about me???  Jayne is a camera hog as well as a food hog.

 Hugo, now known as Wash, River and Kaylee.

It's just too much fun now, real puppies.  Though Cora is none too impressed, they are barking and growling now, which is a foreign noise to her.  And on another great note, she's being so much better about being careful around them that I deflated the air mattress and slept in my own bed last night.  Only issue was the 4:30ish wake up call when the house exploded in barks due to the visitor--aka the bobcat or as the DNR wants me to believe, raccoons fighting.

Later gators...


Dawn said...

Mr Wash is camera shy, he is always turning away.

Greg K said...

First off, I love the Firefly names! Love love love!

Second, baby cardigans are about the cutest thing around. I hope they don't aim to misbehave ;)

Cindy said...

Someone caught that!!!! Heehee, you sci fy geek!

And for Dawn, Wash is so not into the camera. We'll work on some more photo sessions just with him.