Monday, May 21, 2012


Alec's comment Sunday morning was--"Holy cow, how much wine did you drink?!" 

My head said, way too much!  

The barrel cooling the wine on Saturday night was full of full bottles at the start of the party, seems they were all empty when Alec went out to finish picking up.

It was great to have some of my best friends over.  The conversation was great, of course the wine too and we did some finger food(grilled fresh pineapple and ham, bacon wrapped asparagus and rhubarb pudding) and smores with HUGE marshmallows.  The kids beat the snot out of each other in the hay field with their shields and nerf swords.  Big kid Pete got the better of them all. 

We did end up going till late into the night and as suggested on the invite, we ran out of wood and almost wine. 

Thanks for coming out guys!  We'll do this again in July when the babies are ready to come out and play.

Later gators....

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