Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What's in a name?

Thought this might be a good one to spread around the blogosphere and it's Greg's fault!   He posted this morning about how Monte got his name.  This could be fun--so how did your dog get it's name?  Here's a few of ours......

Clairee(O'Clairee's Hope of K&L)  Well she's named Clairee after a beanie baby-Ellie did that one.

Eddie(Beaszak's FogyBtm Uncle Fester)  Started out as Fester since he and his brother, Gomez Adams, were halloween babies.  I just couldn't see him as Fester, so we went to the Munster route and named him Eddie aka Edward aka Edweirdo(that's Sherilyn's doing) after Eddie Munster.  Left the Fester for his registered name.

Moose(Can/AKC CH Summit FogyBotm Rvnge is Sweet CGC RN TDI soon to be CD)  Well he is a moose, was a huge puppy and well, it just kind of stuck.  He also comes by Snookie, no idea where or when that started happening.

Hum, who else???  Sometimes the names just fit the dog.  Take Frank, he can't be anything else but a Frank and for no reason other then we started throwing out names and that's what he looked like, a Frank.  Abbey is of course named after Sheryl's favorite TV show-NCIS aka Abbey the lab geek. Cy-well he's named after a certain college mascot, you know that wears red and gold and resides in Ames.

Of course the name that gets the most attention around here is Pete.  She's a girl.  This really fries Kerri's brain when I talk about her too.  Pete started out as Sweet Pea, my tiny little girl who fit into a pea pod when born.  I joke she turned evil at some point and sweet is not even a name that makes you think of her.  She is so not innocent, so not perfect and man don't piss her off or you lose a book, sock, etc.  So she changed from Sweet Pea, to Sweet Pete, to just plain Pete or Peterman, no PETERMAN, when you are really pissed off.

There are also times like Moose's name, when a puppy is just nicknamed something in the whelping box to help you identify them.  Currently we have a Dove, who has a dove on her back.  Or right now, Hefty and Hugo aka the mismark boy and blue harlequin boy.  They are tanks and the nicknames fit them well.

So how did your dog get it's name???

Later gators...


Dawn said...

Siren got her name when as a tiny baby just before her eyes opened a fire truck went by outside. It was obvious her ears worked as that little tiny nose pointed up to the sky and the littlest howl came out. However, they say dogs will ive up to the name you give and man, she is one VOCAL dog.

Taryn said...

Wilson got his name from the movie Castaway with Tom Hanks and his only friend on the island, soccer ball Wilson. We had recently watched that movie when we drove out to get Wilson in KY. On the long drive home we were kicking around name ideas. Jokingly, John said How about Wilson, like in the movie..You know how wacky we get about our dogs! I liked it right away and also it fit for another reason, his sire is CH Winsome Will....so he really is Will's Son :-)

Liz said...

I'm so boring with pet names! Mine always end up being on the top 10 list. I like to listen to the way the END of the name sounds and then have them all be different, although right now we do have two pets with names ending in EY. The only time we ever changed our minds was with one of the bengals, who was originally supposed to be Carson, after the Cincinnati Bengals quarterback at the time. He ended up being Spalding after the character in CaddyShack (SPALDING!!) because he was so naughty and it just seemed to fit. Hate to say it, but the name "Hugo" would fit right in. Sniff Sniff.

Heather (jerZgirl) said...

Priscilla was named cause I had a dog named Elvis at the time. But she is such a Priscilla - we also call her Priscilla Queen of the desert after the movie about Australian drag queens. She was from the Moon litter so her registered name is "Neon Moon" after the Brooks & Dunn Song.

Iggy Pop - he was a naughty dog who was gangly and wild - so he was named after the punk rocker Iggy Pop. His registered name is "Breaking The Law" after a Judas Priest song.

CC came with her registered name "Cool Sensation" cause she already had to be registered in Poland before importing her. Her polish puppy name was "Sissy" and with the language barrier I didn't want to change it too much but still stick with my theme of naming the dogs after songs/entertainers. So "CC Rider" was her name.

Scott said...

Caleb - he had that name when we got him as a rescue. It's not something we would have chosen, but it's not bad.

Tasha - Named after Tasha Tudor. Registered name is Crazy Little Thing Called Love (the litter was a "love" theme and we got to choose the registered name). She's petite and CRAZY, so it fits her to a T.