Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The thing I miss the most and what makes it worth while!

Sleep is very underrated, but being a person that does not function on less then four hours in a row, I was a walking zombie at work yesterday.  But last night, oh gosh, sweet sleep.  Granted only 3 hours at a crack but it's enough. 

Then again, this makes it so worth while. What's a little lost sleep?

Okay, at 12 o'clock is the mismark b/w male.  He's got a fairy dot planted right in the center of his head.  Clockwise, you'll find Tiny-b/w girl with spunk and super neat collar markings on her neck.  Bottom at 5 o'clock or so is Hawkeye-blue male with a hawk sillhoutte on his butt.  7 o'clock is another b/w boy with his right ear being white.  In the center is the blue girl made in her daddy's image and last but not least is the harlequin blue boy.  His judge's side is the most striking.  All gained at least an oz yesterday and even Tiny 1/2 oz, cause when you are only 4 1/4 oz, that's a big deal.

We did put the plain marked b/w boy down at Doc's yesterday.  Seems he had a few issues, if you are curious, let me know and I'll give you the facts.  Tiny, with her sore tummy got, well, an enema and that solved everything.  She was a little constipated and ate way too much at one time.  Her lungs are clear and she's back on track.  I love her kick butt attitude, she readily pushes her way to mom and kicks the big blue boys out of the way.

And Ms Cora with the six pack.  Now if I can get her to quit rearranging the bedding, we'll be good to go.  She went out and played a little ball with the Ms and Hubby last night, got a good stretch, decided to eat without having every thing all dolled up and right back to the business of fussing, cleaning and feeding babies.

Did I mention that I love my pillow?

Later gators...

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