Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Rocky Mt Boy

First a HUGE thank you to Jessica and Penni for a stop over in Iowa to pick up Bates and deliver the drama king to CO.  Call last night said he arrived in one piece, though not sure if he had been given an Indian name during the trip.  His traveling mate was christened Poop's Alot, heehee. 

Anyhow, Bates is settling in just fine.  Meet the resident cats and big whoopteedo.  He's getting tons of petting and for now, behaving himself.  That is until they put the collar of death on him.  See this is where he becomes the drama king-he's dying and can't move off his back.  1/2 hour later he's wandering around like it's no big deal.  Or else he is in the crate pouting.  What an actor he is!

Hugs Mr Bates and have fun in the mountains!

Later gators...

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