Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Wise crackers

And after the formal shot this is what happens.....
AnnaMae, me? I'm not doing anything wrong.

The handsome Mr Bates again, comedian through and through. He spends a lot of time rolling on his back.

Yeap, Bates, again.

Penny, Penny,..........Penny

Chalice having pinned and KO'd her brother is allowing Mother to referee, while Penny goes, um, toes, yummy.

Bates does look slightly alarmed at the size of the nose poking him, but need not worry. Connor adores puppies and little dogs and two minutes later laid down in the middle of the puppy pile while they chewed on his ears. Good Dog Connor!

Bates, again. He just begs to have his photo taken.

And this is why we call Chalice....the Princess. Not spoiled at all?

Later gators.....

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