Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I've been bad at sharing photos of the gerbils. Sorry, blame it on the batteries. Every time I go to get them out of the charger--someone else has taken them and the current ones aren't ready. A few candids first-play fighting, growling and assorted attitudes are all coming out.

We'll start some gruel this week. After tons of research, unless the dam is having a hard time providing for all the pups, it's best to wait as long as possible to start on solid foods. With the erruption of teeth, Dove has given the-please do something-look, so rice ceral, goats milk and turkey will start tonight. Then we'll move them up to some Honest Kitchen or Sojo in the diet. I've also found that mom knows best on weaning, so as long as she's happy to nurse, I'll let her. Also, no escapees yet? Content puppies but they are starting to figure out that you can climb up on the toys to get a better view over the edge. Puppy pen in the study will get set up on Saturday and get ready for them to move out there soon!

So here we go! Oh and disclaimer, first official stacked photos-some willing, some not.

First up, the girls....Ms AnnaMae-dark brown brindle.

And that is the look of "WTF???" Had to use this one though there is a better one of her stacked.

The Ms favorite, Chalice-brown brindle, though showing some red striping coming in. Of course notice the shirt saying-Quality. Oh that's bad!

The lovely Ms Splash-black brindle. Right now, she's one of the top two pups.

And now the boys....Ringer-black with brindle points. It's so hard to get good photos of him. He's just so dark.

I like his body, just having a time getting past the head markings.

And finally, Bates. I'm smitten with this boy. He's so laid back and easy going.
Five attempts later, this is what you get. He wanted to lay down and nap.
Later gators...

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Matt said...

You think they're smart now climbing onto toys to reach things - wait til they discover your telephone and computer wires! We had to call on some electricians in Cambridge to practically rewire the whole house! Thought I'd prepare you...! Matt