Wednesday, February 1, 2012

You know you're committed to your dogs when...

Email from Hubby after I gave him the all clear to go to a movie this weekend:

File this under, " You know your committed to your dogs when:"

1. You schedule a night on the town around the possible delivery date of a litter
2. You stop noticing the hair covering everything.
3. You know how to process Breeders Dog food rebate checks better than the cashier at the pet store.
4. Planning on getting a washer dedicated to the dog's laundry.

Anyone else got things to add to the list?

Later gators...


Taryn said...

I've got one....
When 90% of the checks written on your account are for dog related items/fees!

Love "the planning on getting a dedicated washer" one!

penni said...

When the only reason you look at the grocery store ads is to see what great meat buys you can score for the dogs.

Cindy said...

You have no idea of the mud around here right now. 60 degree weather has created horrible conditions. Connor plows through the kitchen, leaving skid marks.