Monday, January 23, 2012

Mouse afoot

And yet another tail from the homestead while I was gone.

We do not have mice in our house. Period. Yes I have them in the garage, they sneak in when the door is open from the field. Yes I have a rampent one scurry through the barn.

Saturday night David laid in bed and suddenly heard tap dancing dogs in the bathroom. Frankie and Pete were attempting to catch a rogue rodent. Of course neither has the talent their grandfather or great grandmother had for this act and it was just creating noise.

David thought, which warm and quiet spot would it hide? Master bath closet. Sets trap. Closes door. 3 mins later-SNAP. No more mouse.

He went back to bed.

Later gators...

1 comment:

Scott said...

If you need a mouser, call our dog Caleb. He may be corgi in body, but he sure acts like a ratter in mindset. He's always correct in identifying where mice or other small rodents are (or have been), he can even smell them behind walls.