Thursday, January 12, 2012

He was right!

It snowed, but not nearly as much as Joe predicted. Or yet. What I can tell you after a record high of 53 yesterday, we are now in the teens, with single digit windchills. Snow in the protected areas is starting to be noticeable, otherwise, it's just blowing all over the place.

Dug out the snow boots, finally. Thought about where the shovel is and the livestock is all tucked in for the duration of the storm. Ducks are pissed as their pond is iced over, which means the Ms will get to do her ice stomp and break them a small spot tonight. Chickens, they have a heat lamp. Horses, huddled together, Mooman might get his blanket tonight. Dogs, so over it. Moose's paw was cold this morning but the collies were racing and body slamming each other and not wanting to come in.

Tonight will be a little bit of shoveling, just the drifts. I don't own a snow blower nor see the reasoning behind getting one out here. I invision rocks, sticks and dog toys thrown through windows or at vehicles. Nope, just as easy to shovel a path. Then again, isn't that why the Hubby bought his skid thing a few years ago? Has the handles in the basement. Just need to hook up a clydesdale and go to work.

Later gators...

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