Monday, January 23, 2012


So if you keep up with Shelley, you know what happened already. It was a great weekend-crappy weather, awesome friends and big wins for Summit and Foggy Bottom!

We had the usual low riders with us this weekend: Chip, Cora and Cara...

Okay I'm such an idiot, listen to this, the dogs we took this weekend were Connor, Chip, Charlie, Cora and Cara. It was a nightmare because we kept getting the pem Cara, mixed up with the cardigan Cora and the twin headed monster known as the brothers were, well, nuts. Connor was the only sane dog in the group.

Saturday Cora was RWB to Teddy's Swan. Chip was WD and went on to BOW for his 2nd major, now only needing 2 points to finish!!!!
Cara the pem was WB for one point.
AND..........Alec piloted Connor to a GROUP 2 under Judge David Bolus. Couldn't beat Elvis the OES, but he did manage to beat out 5 dogs that ranked in the top 5 in their respective breeds last year!!!
Along the way we helped show a few other breeds and had a blast being interviewed for KCCI during their morning show live broadcast.

Sunday-it was icy. ICY and more ICY. Typical Des Moines show weather.
Connor was BOV(he was the only one entered 'cause no one wants to play with him)
Cara the pem, WB again!
And we now have two new champions!
Chip, who was all about the fun in the ring, amused the judge quite a bit along the way, took WD and BOW for his 3rd major to finish.
Not to be out done, Ms Cora snagged her final major to finish with WB! Four shows, 2 RWB and 2 WB for the girl from the east coast. Wooo Hoo!

Then to top it off, in their debut weekend, Connor and the Ms are now showing in juniors. Nothing on Saturday-not a clue what the judge was looking for, but on Sunday they did a great job with a 4 place out of a big class. Few more kinks to work out but I see a great team in the making.

I do need to thank a few people. First off to Rebecca at Diamante Collies for entrusting us with Connor. Alec adores that dog and they make sure a great team.
Next to Shelley for taking our little chip off the old block, listening to me when I said let him grow up, his time will come. She made him the silly, totally goofy, and solid boy that he is. Oh and that darn pemmie--what a fun dog to have around!
JoAnn, man, you are the best! Thanks for allowing Eddie to come live with us and helping me out by saying-hey, call Karen.
And last but not least, to Karen Lyons for sending Cuco Cora over to the midwest. She's are wonderful addition to the house, keeping Charlie, Chip and Eddie in line!

Now all I need to do is keep ice on my strained wrist(yes I fell, twice, at home last night) and count the days till Dove starts whelping. We are out of dogs to show except for Connor and Cara the pem who will be hitting a few shows solo this spring. I think I have time to start working on a few performance titles?

Later gators...

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Kathy and Kim Gibson said...

A hail and hearty congratulations all the way around!