Wednesday, December 21, 2011

In a bahumbug sort of mood

There are days and then there are DAYS.

Forgot I needed to run to the bank across the corner, at the end of the work day. No one else had anything else that needed running, so I grabbed my RED coat, and walked over to talk to Vicki and Sharon.

Sharon's off, so Vicki helped me. We talked eggs, chickens(typical topic) and baking. After I'm done in the bank, buttoned up my RED coat and went to the cross walk.

I waited, patiently, no jay walking this time of night/day. The intersection I have to walk across is one way going away from the down town, with the cross street two way. I was walking across the two way street, with the light in my favor, ie, the white walking dude telling me I can go.

So me and my RED coat, start walking. Traffic on the one way, can turn left on to the two way street.....and it did, as fast as the little white van could go and ALMOST HIT ME!!!!!!!!! And my RED coat.

I had been watching the van while it was waiting for the green light, out of the corner of my eye. I kept it in my limited view as I started walking. How in the world can you miss me and my RED coat???? Well he did and the gal who also was starting to walk across the street thought for sure that the van had clipped me. It did stop short of me, by an inch, and waited for me to move with my hands thrown up in the air and a loud-WHAT THE FFFFF???

You take your life in your own hands walking in the downtown area.

When I got back to the office, shaken through and through, I called the company who owned the van. Luck had it the owner's cartoon face and logo were all over the vehicle. I got an Oh My, we're so sorry. And that was it! Not even asking if I was okay, didn't ask my name or nothing. ustomer Service my foot! Not only did I about have a heart attack, but had witnesses and could have been seriously hurt. I was pissed, upset and really not in a good mood the rest of the evening.

Lesson learned---I need to wear reflective orange as my RED coat isn't visable. I won't be purchasing or using the service dept of that business and well, we were life long customers.

I have though kept a slight sense of humor about it all---I'm taking the skywalks from now on!

Later gators....

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