Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Crossing paws

Normally I wouldn't say a thing about an upcoming breeding until I know for sure it took. But I'm giddy about this one, so I have to tell someone, figured you'd be the best to start with!!

Dove as you know from the St Louis post, road tripped it down past the Arch and then cross country to Salina, KS for a romantic rendezvous with a lovely black and white boy named Monster. Crossing paws that I have a great excuse to stay home from the St Joe shows the first of February due to whelping puppies.

Hoping for black and whites with brindle points, brindles(agouti) and hum, how about a red or two? This line ties back to some really awesome dogs that I've always admired. And seems Dove is up to her mother's old tricks--some how she's managed to sucker Erik and found her spot in the bed!

Later gators...


penni said...

Fingers crossed for an easy pregnancy, easy whelping, and a bunch (not 12) of very nice babies.

Cindy said...

Oh GOD no, not 12 again!!!! You'll be getting blog post from the looney bin if that happens!