Tuesday, December 6, 2011

St Louis here I come and then I left

All things considered, a success!

Road trip should be my middle name. This weekend wasn’t as bad as some but it was a turn and burn, that ended up not turning as fast as it should have. Saw too many people to talk too! Fun to get out of the truck and have to take your coat off it was so warm!

So Dove is now in Kansas, that’s not where we went, other side of MO, St Louis. Meet up with Kim and Kari, looked at some dogs, held dogs ringside(was so not dressed to go in). Talked to Marla who I haven’t seen in ages. Said hi to a few other people we normally don’t see in our area.

Trip wasn’t too bad, though the rain and the roads in MO are so bad compared to IA. Literally you crossed the river and Iowa had road signs, reflectors, lane dividers, flat and straight roads with nice big shoulders. Good thing I had Hubby along to drive. I am also proud to report that the dogs did a great job with an extra hour or so of having to cross their legs. We got hung up on road construction crossing the Mississippi going home. Though I do have some awesome photos of the Arch. And Pete, I was told, makes a great pillow. That was from the Ms who got to sleep all stretched out in the back. Yeap, Peterman is an awesome road trip dog.

Now we just wait for The Tall Kid to get home from his road trip to Savannah, via Pennsylvania. I’m hoping he’s not got anything extra coming back in the Big Tow-I’m finally downsizing on dogs, surprises in a crate might send me over the edge. Other than having a girl in season, the current chaos crew is all getting along surprisingly well.

Oh and along the way..... the world largest bottle of ketchup.

Later gators....

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