Thursday, November 3, 2011

Since I'm on a roll....

I’ve had some down time recently, so been digging my hands into making cookies, and more importantly kneading bread. My mind tends to wander while I’m doing that and more so after I get done talking to a friend of mine on their way back from a show.

So what is it with people getting gung ho on breeding dogs. Especially young dogs. Is it that all mighty important to have puppies, be a breeder that you need to push young dogs? And I’m not talking 2-3 yr old dogs, but bitches who are 16-18 mos old, or stud dogs who are only 14 mos old.

If it can’t win, let’s breed it. Or even better, if it finishes as a puppy, well then it must be good enough to breed as a puppy. I think what I’m more astonished at is one particular person who’s only been in the breed a short time, throwing claims around about studying the breed, bloodlines and getting their hands on all the dogs they can. Funny though to see them throw their own dogs into the mix as being perfect examples of the breed, when long time breeders and mentors have more than once pointed the faults in the dogs. It does nothing more than show that they really have a lack of overall concern and knowledge, not only in the breed but for the well-being of their dogs. It’s more about it being the “in” thing to do. Same person talks a mean talk, is “seen” in all the right places and throws around names like money.

Shame that the dogs are the ones who suffer.

Later gators....

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