Friday, October 28, 2011


Today is a food day here at work. Actually it's called "grazing" food day. So in the spirit of the name, there is food all over the kitchen and we are being encouraged to just mosey our tushies around all day, grazing as we go.

So here's what I've eaten so far:
2 strawberries, 3 tortilla chips with queso dip(my homemade salsa and Velveeta), 2 cucumber/dill/rye breads, and one small(1") piece of pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting.

Oh forgot the carrot, taste of a dip to try to figure out what it is and lingering over the cheese and sausage.

I'm trying to be good and not eat too much, just a little taste of it all. And a taste of that, and that and ...... Okay, so maybe I'm not going to do well.

After work we are off to the annual Halloween Trail at Camp Hitaga. The CRKA-Canine Ambassador's group-just me this weekend, will be entertaining kids with information about dog safety. Lace, Moose, Merlot, Pete and Emmett will be going. Tonight is only 2 hours, but it's 4 long hours tomorrow.

Have a great weekend and yes, I will get photos of the trail events!

Later gators....

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