Thursday, October 20, 2011

Military procession

Tall Kid is headed to Springfield, IL this weekend with the collie clan. I'm cc'd on the group emails to make sure that I know what's happening as well as make sure he remembers everything.

Rebecca is into this with military procession. Charts of who is grooming whom. Who is holding which dog outside the ring and who is showing what dog. And once that dog is done, which dog goes back, which goes in what crate, etc. After helping her out the first part of this year, I totally understand why it has to be this way.

First off, if you don't know the dog, they can all look the same-especially the sables. Next, it helps so you don't forget anything and that you also don't delay the judging by being outside the ring scrambling. And lastly, there's a lot of dogs to deal with.

Going to miss going with him to help but he's got his Red Headed Friend going along this trip and I'm supposed to gear up for my own collie immersion later this fall.

FYI--if you read this, Tall Kid, my good brush better be in the tack box when you get home! I know Rebecca's been trying to nab that one for a long time!

Later gators.....

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