Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fault(less) judging part two

For those of you who don’t know much about our dog show, for the last 5 years we have been working with Tri City Kennel Club to hold a dog show “cluster” . Four days of all breed showing, supported entries and lots of extras. Quad City Dog Obedience club hosts two days of obedience and rally trails. Scott Cty Kennel Club hosted a herding instinct test for the first time this year. We also have a fun match, health clinics, boxer specialty, vendors, exhibitors and visitors galore. It’s a party around the clock.

Areas are set aside on the grounds, which is an RV park, for specific groups of people-beagles and boxers right now. Since I go home each night to do chores and sleep in my own bed, I miss out on the party action once the sun goes down. I was told the blenders were whirring till the wee hours of the mornings.

Our clubs have formed a very well oiled working machine. From grounds to set up and take down, running various portions of the show-hospitialty and other items, we all chip in. This is OUR show, not your show and my show. I see this lasting for a great many years to come.

We drew a lot of professional handlers, this year more then most. Brian Livingston, Jimmy Moses, Paul Catterson, to name just a few. #1 dogs littered the grounds and the BIS line up each day was a who’s who of breed stardom. I love being the group and BIS steward. A front row seat to get a real good look at these dogs. It’s also a blast to be able to sit and discuss things with the judges about, well anything.

What I failed to mention in the first post is that none of this happens without a dedicated team of volunteers. It’s not just the show chair but it’s the judges selection committee, grounds crew, stewards, hospitality, golf cart shuttle drivers, gate attendants, someone who holds a door, catches a loose dog or is handy to hold a dog while the handler runs into the bathroom. For those that read this blog, thank you. No, THANK YOU!!!! We can’t have a successful show without great help, wonderful exhibitors and wise judges.

Later gators....

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