Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Quote from my favorite show, “Castle”....
“There are no victories; there are only battles. And in the end the best you can hope for is to find a place to make your stand. And if you're very lucky, you find someone willing to stand with you.”

I’ve often wondered about people and the battles they pick to fight. More so it’s how they can prioritize their lives, then oops, too late, figure out that it's one they shouldn't have even started, n’t win, then it’s the justification of their actions. Oh man, picking the wrong battle to fight sucks.

Did you realize how many people can’t say no? There have been times when we have just said no. Plans in place, all ready to head out the door, something happens and you just have to say, no.

I got deathly ill a couple of years ago and though it didn’t break the major at the dog show, we pulled our entries or as I love to say, donated them to the club, curled up in my blanket and hibernated for 2 more days till death kindly left me alone. I had some many calls, texts and emails, oh why can’t you come, please, no partying, etc. I had no wish to spend my evenings in the ER in a strange city.

Or this spring, planned a road trip for one day to a show, but the evening before, one of the dogs got severely injured. Once he was all back in one piece, though on meds, wearing the cone of shame and had to be watched like a hawk, yes we could have headed to the show the next day. But we decided that the expense wasn’t justified at a time when we didn’t know if we were going to have to go back for further medical attention. Which we did a week later and then four days after that-damn dog and his bloody stitches.

On the other hand, sometimes there is a need to be met even in the deepest and darkest of times. Claire passed away in her sleep the morning of the Hawkeye KC Dog Show. I was all about optioning out of going, sending the Tall Kid with the dogs and sitting at home to cry for the day. But the Ms, after having her own good cry, said nope, we are going because that’s what Claire loved most-going to shows, seeing people. She would have been heartbroken to know that we stayed home because she could no longer go. So we tucked a hankie in our pockets and loaded up the Big Tow and went.

I think we all prioritize differently. But it seems to me on the emotional front, you can do things a little differently. Monetary funds don’t just land in our laps out of the sky, though many think it should. It’s called pick your battles and do so wisely.

Right now I’m listening to a horror story that is a battle of an ego and what has been lost is the fact that a dog’s life is at stake. This person can’t put all other things aside, shelve their ego and do right by the dog-get it to the place it needs to be and started towards a better life. Supposed can’t afford it. But they are entering shows, taking expensive lessons and get this, on vacation at a resort! Oh and it’s not just about entering the shows, their over inflated ego says they have to go to the big ones to be seen. Well guess what, being seen isn’t you getting anywhere, when you can’t be responsible and do right by your dogs.

Pick your battles wisely and know where you stand!

Later gators....

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