Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Quwazy quackers

Here's the newest additions to the Ancona herd! Not sure what color yet as they will change but the cool part is that they have good markings. One is a duck(correct term for a female duck) and one we think is a drake. By the sounds of it that is-those of you in the know with ducks will understand that. For everyone else, and typical of a woman, females quack the loudest, while the males have a low raspy quack. Mom duck, the infamous Pip was none to happy about the Ms stealing her babies for the brooder but it's best considering the other ducks around. Pip is a silver ancona and the sire is the Ms' special lavender drake. Next breeding will be to the black drake and we are also going to try the lavender with the chocolate duck next spring.

Anconas are still considered a critically endanagered breed of duck. At fair we seemed to have a large group of them or ancona mixes. The unfortunate part is that many a magpie duck or magpie mix is mistaken for true anconas. Luck has it we purchased the parents directly from one of the authorities in the breed and a person credited with saving the breed from extinction.

The Ms is on duckling watch now. She was soooo excited when I got home last night to show them to me. Can't wait to see if we get more today-there's about 6 more eggs sitting in the nest.

Later gators....

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