Monday, August 1, 2011

Going raw in a 'round about way

I feed several of my dogs a partial raw diet. Charlie mostly because he just does not eat and raw seems to work best to get him to eat.

Pete and Fred has decided that since it was good enough for Charlie, it was good enough for them. Though they failed to tell the chef and went about it themselves.

Any chicken or duck(return back to the Fred and the Duck Head incident) or turkey( that's another past post) that ventures into the main front yard, has taken their lives into their own beaks.

Friday night. Call in the hooligans from the front yard. Tuli. Phoebe. Moose. Wait, back track, Tuli what is that on your rough? Phoeobe, why do your feet look red(other then where she licks them)? Moose-okay, you're good. FREDERICK!!!!! Licking his chops all the way with blood on his rough, his feet and drooling out the side of his mouth.

PETERMAN!!!! PETE!!! and so on and so forth until her pointy little head comes around the corner and she makes a dash for the door. Screach to a halt in the kitchen, wags her tail and then I see it. Her pointy little head is covered in blood. So are her feet. Rough too.

"David, I think we have an issue." So we gather the flashlights and find a flurry of feathers and one almost non existent carcass of what appeared to be a red star cockerel. First off, that's okay, it was cockerel. 2nd, it was bound for the processors in a few weeks. But 3rd, I was planning on eating that one!

No jail break but I think that what ever chicken it was, that flew over the fence and landed similar to the turkey, in the middle of a pack of wanna be raw eaters. We found another one in the yard in the morning--this one was still wandering around so must have flown over after the chaos. The Ms did do a quick scan and found Polly safe and sound on her roost.

Needless to say, two dogs didn't get any more dinner, two got 1/2 rations and the last one, good dog Moose, he knows they are for herding, not eating, at least when alive.

So now on the hunt for bulk chicken backs and such. I've turned the corner of concern since they seemed to have proved that indeed, raw is the way to eat.

Later gators....


penni said...

Catching their own is definitely a reversion to the wolf days, but if you'll provide the backs and necks, you'll have better portion control. You might also save the lives of the inhabitants of the Chick Chalet and Chateau Quack -- at least until you're ready to freeze them for yourselves.

Ashley said...

Sounds like you have been involuntarily voted onto the "raw" island! lol We love Sam's or Costco! =] We also have a local meat processor that sells beef heart for $.59/lb too, so it's a great deal for rich, red meat. If you can find anyone who is looking to clean out their freezer of unused venison from hunting season before the next season starts, that's the payload! I can't wait until Ryan goes hunting this year...I actually am cheering him on to get something this time. ;-] I have signed up on freecycle and craigslist and a Yahoo raw chat group to network for finding good deals on meat. "Rawfeeding" is the group on Yahoo that I am on. Be careful on Craiglist though - people shouldn't try to sell you the wild's illegal to sell it for money.

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