Monday, August 22, 2011

First and last

Finally, the last "summer" event of the season, but a first for the Ms!

Sunday was the Iowa State 4-H dog show at the Iowa State Fair. First-we love going to State Fair, though it was the last day of the fair. Reminder to self, go the first two days - everyone is super happy, ready to go and not dragging.

The Ms took Moose in Novice B, while Lace's senior butt got dragged into PreNovice B. Her first State 4-H show!

Along with the 4-H show was a local kennel club's annual fun match aka Open Dog Show. That means tons of other dogs there, creating for many kids, their first real dog show atmosphere. During the time when the oldest two kidlets showed, it started out in the overflow horse stalling area, also known as the west end of the sheep pavillion. Then it moved to the east end of the hog building. Over the last couple of years with the addition of the new outdoor arena, tie areas and new barn, the dog show is now in the Pioneer Livestock Pavillion-the original show building. David and I sat in our chairs in the middle of the arena and marveled at how they managed to hold 6 and 8 up draft horses hitches in there for the shows. Now they are over the Jacobson Arena-much better suited.

So the results after getting up at the crack of dawn to drive to Des Moines??? WOW!

(Doesn't Moose look happy-heehee)

Moose wins high point Novice with a great 194 score!!!! For him, that's awesome and he only got off points on what we consider his normal problem areas-wide heeling on the off leash and a couple tight leads on his figure 8. When your consistent like that-ie, the same issues and nothing new, we're happy!

Now to PreNovice B--48 kids entered! 1/2 the kids scored in the blue range. 10 kids were in the highest bracket with purples. High Point and Reserve only had 1/2 point difference and the top 5 all were within 5 points of a perfect 200. Lace and the Ms???? 195 and 5th place!!!!!! Again, her weakness-she is a crowder when heeling, two points off. The Tall Kid can attest to struggling with that the entire time he worked with her and 3 points off on her recall-slow sit, again, she's got an elevator sit that has to stop at each floor going down, and crowding on the finish.

The Ms? Super happy and really proud of her dogs. She had fun, made some friends, and is ready for next year. Moose-well, once again, he gained a legion of fans and made one special friend.

After showing, it was time to see the sights. First stop, lunch, pork chop on a stick. 2nd stop, DNR building so the Ms could shoot some arrows. In between, we watched a sea of red shirts on Grand attempt to set the world record for the most people doing Stop Drop and Roll at one time. State Farm was putting on the event.

Saw the Butter Cow, all the little concrete cows celebrating 100 years of the Butter Cow and our dear friend Dr Joe, who was manning the Iowa Organics booth in the Ag Building. David had to stop and get the toasted walnuts and the Ms saw some great ideas in the horticulture area for projects for next year.

A trip through the Varied Industries Bldg, Walnut Center and of course the morning was spent by David with some draft horse friends in the Horse Barn. Let's see--oh MY food stand, the favorite from all those years showing horses, is still there!! I feared with the building of the new arena, they would have to move and I'd never find them. Nope! Cinnamon roll in the morning, and of course-funnel cakes for the ride home.

I'm tired to say the least but it was a great time had by all, especially the Ms and her four legged pals. Now how many days till next year?

Later gators....

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