Monday, July 18, 2011

Double standards

I've been dwelling on this subject for a long time now.

I ran across something many weeks ago that kind of struck me as odd. Okay odd is not the word to use in this instance, that fits in elsewhere. I should say that I found it more predictable? And maybe scary. Yes scary.

How is it that one person can attempt to force their opinion on others, yet if a semi-educated person really took a look at that person, they would find that more often then not they live by a double standard. It's the classic, do as I say, not as I do.

More scary is that this person in spewing this opinion, has created an atmosphere of hate, distrust and unwelcoming within our community. The unfortunate victims of their attempt to back stab others, is actually themselves. Well that and many good people in this community are lumped together with them as being rude, bad and unreliable. Again and again, proving this otherwise has been a blessing in disguise for a few :)

Think on it-it's kind of eye opening.

Later gators...

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