Monday, June 6, 2011

Sorry for the delay.....

But we have puppy chaos in our home. I promise, photos will be posted as soon as I get a nap or several naps.

We have 5 lovely puppies. Yes the xrays were wrong and the reason---huge babies. I had planned a c-section for Merlot on Friday and good thing. She would have never have been able to pass these guys. 13.5, 14,15,15.5 oz. And that's all boys folks. Yes, 4 boys, 1 little girl who is 8 oz. We are struggling with her as she doesn't want to nurse, but is a willing bottle feeder. So there's the reason for my need for a nap.

And the funniest part-all black and white, no mismarks. Not a blue in sight. Go figure. None of the puppies have visable points at this time, though they should only have brindle ones. Deep dark black, loads of chrome.

2 of the boys hit 1 lb yesterday and no doubt all are there today. Unfortunately I had to go back to work and left the Ms and Alec in charge of the puppies today. Ms Merlot is doing very well though Saturday she was still looking at me with a "you want me to clean up what?" Good momma though.

Photos later!

Later gators.....


Ashley said...

Awwww!! That's awesome. I bet Merlot would thank you if she could for pre-planning the c-section. heh Glad to hear the pups and mom are all doing well and they are on their way to becoming big, beautiful babies. So cool they're all b&w, though blues would've been nice to see! ;]

Dawn said...

Hope the little girl gets the hang of it all and does OK.