Thursday, June 30, 2011


I know, I know, I am so slacking on this litter. So much else going on in our world that photos just aren't high on my list. Hoping by tonight that I will have 3 week photos updated on the website, note, hope. But in the mean time here's a few candids of the Comedy Troupe.

This is Shorty(short blaze). A very sweet puppy-not sure where that comes from.

You can't see it in this photo, but this is Kinkajou. He has a small kink in the tip of his tail, making it a little short, but the cool part is that he has a cowlink that runs from his nose all the way up to between his ears. Looks like he's channeling a mohawk! The Ms keeps threatening to use some hair gel to get it to stand up taller. And yes, Barney's head takes a lickin' and keeps on kickin'.

And this is the trouble maker, Wide Load(wide blaze). First out of the pool-twice yesterday and once last night. He is soooo his father and right now the pup we are leaning towards keeping. Yes I need another Eddie like a hole in my head, ugh. He has attitude, he is demanding and he is trouble.

This is Narrows(narrow blaze). Not near as much trouble as his counterpart, but can be if he wants to be.

Hard to see it here, but this is what brother's are for. Our little girl is still battling pneumonia and slowly gaining and growing but just not doing as well as we would like. Bottle feeding round the clock, antibiotics and lots of cuddling. The boys are pretty good about her, though I think Wide Load uses her as a step stool to get out of the pool. And last night I was happy to get a growl out of her as I was cleaning up her front from all the formula she spills. The Ms said she also caught her sitting up and howling with the boys yesterday afternoon.

Later gators...

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Kathy and Kim Gibson said...

My goodness, is there anything cuter than a cardigan puppy?