Sunday, June 26, 2011

And so the weekend ends

As you can see the weekend started off rather bad.

We had entries in Iowa City/Hawkeye this weekend, and I almost sent the kid down with his collie and stayed home. But the Ms said, nope, we need to do this.

Saturday was supposed to be cool, not cold! It rained and rained and rained some more.

Charlie was RWD, not unhappy with him as he's going through a skinny, awkward stage. A little unnerved by someone we walked by once but that's okay, same person makes his daddy react the same way.

Ella Bella! took her 3rd major and only needed one point to finish. Kim was so happy.

The Ms and reluctant Fred won their juniors class! He's not the least bit happy about this little rider on his contract.

Let's see, oh the collie. heehee I will be honest, I was very disappointed in the quality of the rough collies this weekend. There were a few shining stars but honestly, what people feel the need to show really concerns me. Lack of coat, improper movement, iffy head pieces. And they call themselves breeders? Do they really understand the standards? But onto smoothies! Alec and Connor did it again with a nice BOV win. On to groups we go, in the rain.

They end up with a Group 3 and a huge cheering section. Thanks guys!!!!

Heading home was hard but take out dinner turned it around. Then I spent time doing tons of little things that I always put off. Sewing, darning, ironing, fixing stuff. Man when you want to keep your mind distracted, there are ways.

Sunday dawns and guess what, no rain! But it turns hot, hot, hot!

Charlie went out and did me proud-fly hunting and all. WD and BOW for his first major!! Wee Haa, that's the 2nd boy out of the litter to get a major. Ella Bella did her mommy proud and finished with her 4th major!

News from up north during the day, Shelley with Chip took the points yesterday for his first and then today also got WD and BOW for his 2nd point. Only 13 more to go.

Collies were well, predictable with Connor only getting a Select. But Alec picked up a rough collie special and took BOV and finished the dog's grand. Then it was off to groups!

Alisa and her beezer took a Group 1! Alec didn't do anything in the herding group but also go to go in with a nice Weim from Rhonda.

So not a totally wasted weekend in the end. Chickens head out to "meat" their maker tomorrow morning but alas, we got 30 more chicks this weekend!

Busy week coming up--watch for some exciting news later on!

Later gators...

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Kathy and Kim Gibson said...

It was a very fun weekend! Congrats to all.