Wednesday, April 6, 2011


If it's not one thing, it's another. The EBC(evil blue collie) decided that the Ms' favorite ancona duck was just right for a snack the other night and tried to pull it through 2" fence mesh. Duck is holding her own in the ER unit of Chateau Quack. Hope she makes it as she's one of our prettiest marked ducks.

And if that wasn't enough, Abbey has decided that she wants to be on a raw diet just like Charlie. Though she's decided that the prey model diet is what she really wants. Jail break and 2 chicks later(which a certain unnamed Mary Poppins dog helped), chicks moved to their new quarters in Chateau Quack--which will be renamed to the Chick Chalet once the other building is moved up to our place in 2 weeks(baring more rain).

I'm still cleaning dirt and dust out of all the show boxes and equipment from this last weekends show. Clothes got washed twice, shoes-well not sure if I can get them clean again.

Other then that, it's be kind of quiet. Sort of. A chorus of howling boy dogs happens about every hour on the hour. Someone's in season, can you tell? Just ask Fred who's certain he can figure out a way to have his way with her. That would be why there are two doors, three gates and two kennel doors between the smelly one and the hormonally challenged. And there are still two girls scheduled to go in within the month! Wee haa!

Later gators...

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