Monday, April 11, 2011

Disaster avoided or was it?

Lazy weekend. Alec and I headed off to a dog show. Thank God for late ring times! Nothing spectacular to report other than I had a banner day of shopping. Take my card away please, but it was all well needed items.

Picked up the new tack box from a gal from WI-already have the contents of my old one loaded into the new one and what can I say, I need to buy one more thing to make it perfect.

Moose got a Cool BedIII. He hogs it all to himself. I'm now thinking that a couple more of those won't hurt.

But the prize of the day was a folding dog ramp. Got it for a song, normally over $100 and well, I didn't pay near that for it. Now I won't have to lift girls when they finally figure out that their expanding puppy girths can't make the stairs. My back loves me.

The averted disaster was that the wicked weather went north of us and we didn't have to drive back home through it. Though the wind was anything but nice.

We did manage to visit a couple of the Dirty Dozen while we were out and about. Photos to follow but it was so awesome to see Charlie play with his brothers, Percy and Einstein. Those two boys have the greatest home and are so handsome. Pete was having fun rolling the boys and you can truly see that Charlie's best friend is Pete. Only issue was Palintine the Berner who came lumbering out and I've never seen Pete's eye's get so big! Certainly thought the big black and tan dog was a monster, though the Mooseie dog thought she was hot stuff.

Well, now to a week of being a work widow. Hope Hubby makes it back to Iowa in one piece.

Later gators...

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